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Karate Information

History of Karate

History of Karate
What is Karate?
The founder of Modern Karate

Here I will explain breifly the history of Karate.

Shotokan was first demonstrated by Gichin Funakoshi at the All Japan Athletic Exhibition in Tokyo. This Demonstration was very well received and enabled Master Funakoshi to Funakoshi to start teaching Karate in a small dining hall in Meisojuku.  This was followed by the opening of karate clubs at several universtites. in 1939 a new dojo was opened with a sign hung over it's door reading "SHOTOKAN" this means "the hall of Shoto". Shoto means "Waving Pines". In 1949 the Japan Karate Association was formed with Master Funakoshi as the Cheif instructor and the late head of the JKA, Masatoshi Nakayama was on the committee as principal active instructor.