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Karate Information

What is Karate?

History of Karate
What is Karate?
The founder of Modern Karate

Here I have included some basic infomation about what karate is.

Karate is a martial art consisting of punches, kicks, blocks and a small number of throws. It is practiced barefoot, wearing a white suit [gi], with a belt around the waist, denoting the skill level that the student has attained.

Karate students (karateka) of all levels practice the basics - kicks, blocks and punches, both singly and in combinations. This basic training improves their execution of technique, builds stamina, and improves their stance.

Karateka also practice sequences of movement called kata, which are set pieces of attacks and defences against opponents from all sides. Most of the time these kata are practiced alone, but for displays, the complete kata is sometimes performed with the attackers playing their part.

There are pre-determined attacks and defences for pairs of students to master (ippon kumite), and finally there is free-sparring (kumite), where students use their skill and strategy to score points from their opponent.

There are several styles of karate, each with slightly different interpretation of kata and basic form. The biggest schools are Wado ryu, Shotokan, Goju ryu and Shito ryu.